Virtual Assistance

Virtual reception

Email management

Sorting your inbox, answering emails, filing them into folders, unsubscribing from junk, and alerting you to what you need to read

Customer service

Making sure your customers feel important, have their queries responded to quickly, and keeping them happy

Event coordination

Helping you plan events, from the location, invitations, catering, AV, speakers, advertising, through to event follow-ups

And much more

Content images, content uploading, website updating, social media monitoring, bookkeeping, word processing, PowerPoint presentations and more

Honestly, we’d love to think we’re super humans in business, but the truth is, doing it all by yourself is a tough gig.

There’s so much we’ve got to do – emails, phone calls, customer service, social media, blogging, invoicing, bookkeeping, updating stock online, quoting, and so on.

But small business owners often can’t afford an employee or only need help during the busy seasons. This is where having a virtual assistant (a VA) on your team makes perfect sense. You only pay a VA for the time they work, and you avoid all those employee related costs.

And the even better news is, VAs are also business owners, so we get what it’s like to run a business.

Whether you’re looking or a permanent VA, or have some one-off jobs you need a hand with, my team of VAs are waiting to help you.