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Successful entrepreneurs all have one thing in common.

They know they can’t run their business alone, so they’ve perfected the art of outsourcing.

And this is where an Online Business Manager (or OBM) comes into play. An OBM manages all the back-end parts of your business, delegating to a virtual team and keeping everyone on track (if needed).

My experience as an Online Business Manager

As you’ll see from my clients, I’m a sought-after OBM and here’s why:

  • I’ve built my online business from a soloist to running a team of VAs, website builders, graphic designers, receptionists, copywriters and bookkeepers
  • I’ve won an award for my business processes, so rather than simply completing a task, I look at the best way to get it done
  • I’ve helped busy entrepreneurs to run their businesses, coordinating teams and taking care of all those icky bits they hate

Online Business Management includes the following:

eCourse management

Online setup, content input and updating, community management, student support and launch assistance

Facebook group monitoring

Monitoring questions and comments on the Facebook groups you manage, filtering what you need to see and answering FAQs

Social Media

Creating content calendars, writing/creating social posts and images for all platforms, posting, responding to comments

Content creation

Cleverly creative content keeps you in front of your customers, whether it’s social posts, blogs or newsletters

Virtual team coordination

Running an online business can take a team of experts all doing their thing – as your OBM, I manage this team

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