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Online business management & bookkeeping services for crazy-busy entrepreneurs

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Behind every thriving entrepreneur is a cleverly creative OBM who shares their passion

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If you’re a crazy-busy online entrepreneur who can’t afford human cloning but desperately needs another you to keep your business moving forwards, you’ll get reliable support right here.

There comes a time in your business life when you realise you’re not a super-human. You’re amazing. But there’s only one of you.

And if you’re anything like my busy entrepreneur clients, the below will ring true for you too:

  • You’re working up to 22 hours a day, loads more than you ever did in your formal career
  • You’ve forgotten what it’s like to holiday as god forbid you take some time off
  • Your business growth is painfully slow as you’re still performing all the repetitive tasks in your online business and neglecting the moving forward parts
  • You’re working for nothing as you forget to invoice on time
  • Your accountant is on your case as your books are a mess
  • You’ve forgotten to be social and communicate with your clients
  • You’re losing clients who find someone who responds faster than you do

Don’t stress about it. I’m an award-winning business owner because I’m a process queen and I LOVE organising business systems and bookkeeping.

You can delegate your everyday tasks, marketing and bookkeeping to our talented crew of business managers, online specialists, bookkeepers and copywriters, and trust it will magically get sorted for you.

“Leanne impressed me from the get go with her professionalism, organisation and attention to detail. She’s eager to learn and picks things up ridiculously quickly….
She’s now completely essential to my business – and I trust her 100%…”
Kate Toon, SEO Copywriter, The Clever Copywriting School.

Leverage our skills to grow your business and get your free time back

Keep me connected package ($350 p/month)

For entrepreneurs who need help with the digital side of their business, staying connected with customers and producing content the online business world craves

We’ll keep you social, helping you:

Designing blog featured images and memes

Blog design consistent with your branding

Adding title tag to post

Adding title tags to all images

Inserting and testing all outbound links

Creating “Click to Tweet”

Adding meta description to post

Adding alt tags to all images

Produce and schedule 4 Instagram posts

Produce and schedule 4 tweets

Produce and schedule 4 Facebook/LinkedIn posts

Produce and send your newsletter


Social media video preparation template

Monthly Facebook Live suggestions


Blog writing


30 relevant hashtags for Instagram posts


2 extra blog images with SEO tags


Blog research (information & keywords)

Price upon enquiry

For the love of business package ($550 p/month)

For entrepreneurs who have grown beyond surviving as a solopreneur, who are looking for someone to partner with them, learn their business, and give it the ‘behind the scenes’ love it needs. Tailor the package to suit your needs.

We’ll keep you moving forward, helping you:


Uploading two blogs to your WordPress site

Including Images, links, meme, click to tweet, SEO – title tags, meta description and image alt tag


Using a social scheduling tool, scheduling 20 Facebook posts, 20 Twitter posts, 20 LinkedIn posts and 20 Instagram posts

Keeping your brand current across platforms


Enter 10 sales invoices weekly into your bookkeeping software and email the invoices to your customers


Produce and send two newsletters – keeping you in touch with your customers


Daily monitoring your Facebook community for system/tech errors and respond to comments for errors


Enter 10 bills weekly into your bookkeeping software

Helping you balance your books


Have a weekly update meeting with you, so you know exactly what’s been done and how your business is running (without you needing to control every single aspect)


Monitor an admin@ email address


Video preparation template to assist in creating the content for your social media videos

Template: ‘Strategies to outsource with ease’

Monthly Facebook Live suggestions

Asana project system setup and demonstration, helping you to delegate tasks and track their progress

Let us show you how to build a powerful virtual online team

I once had a similar dream to yours. To build and run an online business without anyone telling me where I had to be and what I had to be doing. Winning awards for my processes, I’ve expanded my own business from a solopreneur to a team manager. I’ll show you how to keep your business moving forward while integrating a virtual team and kicking arse while doing it.

Reignite your business passion, keep moving forward and let us help you take your business to new heights.