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Behind every thriving entrepreneur is a cleverly creative OBM who shares their passion

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Whether you’re just starting your online business, or you’re at a point you need to clone yourself, solid admin support is vital

There comes a time in your business life when you realise you’re not a super-human. You’re amazing. But there’s only one of you.

Running your business alone can be tough.

You’ll find yourself working countless love hours, forgetting things and worst of all – neglecting your clients.

That’s why I created tailored online business admin packages tackling these chores, which can grow as you do.

Why choose my team to tackle your online business admin?

  • You’re working up to 22 hours a day, loads more than you ever did in your formal career
  • You’ve forgotten what it’s like to holiday as God forbid you take some time off
  • Your business growth is painfully slow as you’re still performing all the repetitive tasks in your online business and neglecting the moving forward parts
  • You’re working for nothing as you forget to invoice on time
  • Your accountant is on your case as your books are a mess
  • You’ve forgotten to be social and communicate with your clients
  • You’re losing clients who find someone who responds faster than you do

What do you need?

Give all your energy to doing what you love (focusing on your clients) and allow us to keep your business running

Keep on top of your day to day admin such as emails, phone calls, online course assistance, social media and much more

Understand your numbers and make informed decisions to grow your business (and make more money)

“Leanne is everything you’d want an OBM to be – efficient, amiable, generous, diligent clever and resourceful. She takes the initiative and makes me feel like she cares about my business as much as I do
Kate Toon, SEO Copywriter, The Clever Copywriting School.

What can you outsource to my virtual team?

Admin: Email management, client communication, online course assistance, word processing, and all those little tasks you love to hate.

Blogging: Copywriting, Images, SEO title and description tags, links, and schedule social media posts to feature your blog.

Bookkeeping: Invoicing, reconciliations, bank feeds, incoming and outgoing expenses, tax office compliance, and knowing how to read your numbers.

Community engagement: Daily monitoring of your Facebook community for system/tech errors, comments etc. and responding to these comments.

eCourse assistance: Preparation, sales, automation and execution. Working along side you to run a wildly successful eCourse.

SEO: Creating SEO tags for your blogs, website pages, auditing website, and uploading content to your website.

Social media: Assisting you to create a solid digital marketing strategy. creating, scheduling and posting snippets to your social channels, along with video suggestions.

Virtual reception: Answering incoming phone calls, setting appointments, answering questions and taking messages.

Let us show you how to build a powerful virtual online team

I once had a similar dream to yours. To build and run an online business from my home. Winning awards for my processes, I’ve expanded my own business from a solopreneur to a team manager. I’ll show you how to keep your business moving forward while integrating a virtual team.