They need a stand-out value proposition

Here’s the thing…

In today’s online world, resumes have lost their appeal. And if you’re a service based business owner, you shouldn’t even have a resume.

Here’s why…

Business owners don’t apply for jobs.

They apply for contracts. They apply to work with other business. They apply to partner with other business. But, they are NOT applying to work as an employee.

Resumes are for employees applying to work for a company, and here, resumes still rock.

Service based business owners are not employees.

Think of it this way…

You’re on your way to a fun night out with your best mates. You’re all dressed up, you’ve kissed your kids goodbye, and you excitedly skip out to your car. You jump in, turn the key and nothing. Damn it!

So, you call a mobile mechanic to come and look at your car. All you want to do is get it started and see your friends. What’s the first thing you do when the mechanic shows up?

You’d hand him the keys and hope to hell that he magically starts your car. Am I right?

You wouldn’t be a weirdo and ask to see his resume, would you?

I mean, you’ve found him online so you’ve got confidence that he can do what he promotes himself to do.

Seriously, most people won’t waste time and money on advertising a fake business. You’d have an element of trust.

VAs run service based businesses too.

I get that clients will have some hesitation when finding a VA online. There are hundreds of us!

But please, don’t ask a VA for a resume.

And if you’re a VA, please burn your resume if you have one.

VAs run service based businesses, just like a mechanic (or a plumber, or a doctor, or an electrician). We don’t have resumes.

I recently put out a call-out for VAs to join my growing team. The VAs who responded to me with a resume where an immediate red flag.


Because to me, it shows they are still in the corporate mindset and believe they’re an employee, not a business owner.

Promote yourself with your value proposition instead of a resume.

A great value proposition will paint a picture of what you offer your customers. It acts as your first introduction to people and helps you make a strong first impression.

Value propositions tell clients

When you answer a call-out for someone wanting what you’re after, respond to them in an email and make your value proposition crystal clear.

Here are some examples of businesses with clear value propositions:

  • Mailchimp – Send Better Email
  • Dollar Shave Club – A great shave for a few bucks a month
  • Bitly – Shorten. Share. Measure.
  • Vimeo – Make life worth watching
  • Freshbooks – Small business accounting software designed for you, the non-accountant
  • Weebly – The easiest way to make a website
  • Pinterest – A few (million) of your favourite things
  • Evernote – Remember everything
  • Skype – Skype keeps the world talking, for free, share, message and call – now with group video on mobile and tablet too

What if someone insists on a resume?

Run! They don’t understand that you’re a business owner and not an employee.

Or if you’re up to doing some education, explain to your potential customer why business owners don’t have resumes.

One thing I highly recommend is that you have your LinkedIn profile fully up to date. Most people usually stalk you on social media before contacting you. And with LinkedIn being the closest thing to a resume, you can always refer customers to your profile.

Another thing you could create is a professional profile. Make it more like a portfolio of your recent work rather than a resume so you can showcase your work to potential clients.

Some organisations also provide further accreditation that can help you prove how awesome you are. I’m a member of Virtually Yours and I have undergone their reference and standard checks. What this means for my clients, is that Rosie from Virtually Yours has contacted my references and examined my business, to ensure I can do what I say I do.

Clients love this extra mile as it means they don’t have to do any legwork of their own to check me out!

Looking for a VA you can trust (who doesn’t have a resume)?

As an award-winning VA, I know how to run my business. One thing you’ll never get from me is a resume.

Resumes don’t build trust (they are usually pre-fabricated, and everyone says the same thing), talking to each other builds trust.

So, let’s chat. If you need help with your business administration from a high-quality team of non-resume producing VAs, call me today on 03 9982 9757.