Having 2 sets of twins is enough to make most people curl up in a ball. Not me!

When you’re trying to fall pregnant, there’s nothing quite like hearing the doctor say, ‘Congratulations, you’re going to have a baby’. But can you imagine the doctor saying, ‘Congratulations, you’re expecting twins…again’.

I’m not an expert on human emotions, but I think hearing this would be enough to make even the strongest person weep a little.

The truth is, I was a hurricane of emotions – shocked, excited, stunned, stressed, gleeful and a tad delusional. Seriously, two sets of twins under 3 years don’t happen in real life yeah?

And what about my business baby?

I had to tackle what life was throwing at me like a boss.

It made me even more driven to build my business

People truly thought I had a few screws loose when I told them that not only was I expecting another set of twins but that I was going to continue running my business. And not only that, but I was going to build it further and make it successful.

‘Stay home and look after your kids and don’t worry about your business – do it later’ is what I heard from so many people.

But I was wayyyy to driven for that rationality.

Fast forward 3 years and I have 2 sets of crazily, highly spirited twins and a business that has a life of its own.

And here’s the thing – these life curve balls have helped me to build an award-winning business and be a great online business manager. The twin thing is the equivalent of all my ‘corporate’ experience combined with copious amounts of red cordial.

How twins made me a better online business manager


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1. Planning

I had to quickly learn what the word ‘organisation’ really meant. Keeping 4 tiny humans (plus a couple of bigger ones) happy, fed, healthy, feeling loved, entertained, running a household AND a business takes mega planning. Every little person needs their own personalised, ‘who, what, when, where and how’ plan as they are all uniquely different.

The same applies to my clients. They are all unique and have their own special needs, and their days must all be planned out differently. Knowing their requirements and being able to help them organise their business is a key part of my success.

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2. Execution

‘The devil fools with the best-laid plans’. It’s fantastic to have plans, but just because you have them, is no guarantee they’ll work. It’s all about trial and error of processes until you can execute the perfect plan. Even having 2 minutes to brush my teeth in the morning takes skilful planning, and even then, some mornings I’ll have a little person clinging to my leg while I’m brushing my teeth.

The same applies to my clients. We have to be open to tweaking our plans, encountering hurdles and being open to changing the plan until we find methods that work. But once the plan is set, it’s a great feeling when the work just flows.

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3. Problem Solving

One things for sure, I can’t predict what my little humans are going to do. No matter how great our plan is, and how much it’s been drilled into their heads, sometimes, their little personalities take over. Keeping a cool head in the middle of the battlefield is a must. When you’ve got 2 bubs and 2 toddlers up, dressed, fed and ready to walk out the door and you’re faced with a 2-year-old tantrum over shoes, there are 2 things that can happen: 1. WW3 begins, and your hard work is undone, or 2. You use all of your mum superpowers to think of a solution – quick.


The same applies to my clients. When things don’t go to plan (which often happens in the online world when we rely on technology), I must keep a level-head and quickly think of a solution. My clients rely on me to keep things ticking along, so their clients don’t have tantrums.

4. The bigger picture

In my household, we need to see the bigger picture, to look beyond the day to day and make plans for the future. What schools will we use, when will we have a holiday, how will we take 4 kids on holiday, when will we find ‘us’ time, will there be any more kids…

The same applies to my clients. I love to help them look beyond the everyday running of their business to set plans. Where do they want to be? How much growth do they want? What do we need to do to get there?

I wouldn’t have my crazy life any other way

You can’t always predict life. But mine – I love. Yes, it’s chaotic, and everything takes planning, but I wouldn’t change it. I’m grateful that my overactive ovaries and generous womb has thrown me 2 sets of twins. They’ve taught me the skills I need to be an outstanding online business manager.

Over to you

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