Improve your tradie admin systems & processes by increasing productivity and efficiency

Sync your emails between your office and your mobile phone

Manage all your staff from wherever you are

Schedule jobs online and assign contractors (for all to see)

Use customised templates to quote on jobs

Send invoices immediately upon completion of a job

Technology is streamlining the way modern tradie businesses run. You no longer must lug around a big bulky diary, trying to slot in jobs (often multiple ones) manually.

Tradies across Australia are quickly realising how much easier it is to run their business due to the benefits of using mobile devices.

And the great news is, cloud technology is very low-cost.

My top 3 picks for online tradie business solutions

There are bucket loads of apps available and many that are designed for tradies.

Here are my 3 favourite apps for tradies (all that have FREE trials):


This app allows you to:
• Track your jobs from the quoting to invoicing stage
• Prioritise your jobs and see what’s happening at all stages
• Have all of your job information easy accessible by all staff
• Keep track of time each staff member is onsite at a job
• Prepare accurate quotes with customised templates
• Integrate with your accounting software (XERO, MYOB Online & Quickbooks Online)

It’s great for staff as they can all see what’s happening in real time. There’s no more confusion as who must be where and when. You’ll also have all the details you need for the job in one place.

service m82. SERVICEM8
This Apple only app allows you to:
• Access all client and job details from anywhere, anytime
• See the entire history of each job – notes, photos, messages and emails
• Use checklists to make sure all your staff do the job right – the first time
• Take videos or photos (if needed)
• Ask your customer to sign off on the job once completed
• Get directions to the job sites so you’ll never get lost
• Easily schedule jobs, quote and invoice (using customised templates)
• And much, much more.

If you’re an avid Apple user, this is the app you’ll love. It’s fully integrated with Apple software and is the app of choice for many tradies. It allows you to take control and work smarter in your tradie business.

jobsdun3. JOBSDUN
This app allows you to:
• Schedule jobs using an easy drag/drop calendar function
• Courtesy text messages to your customers when you’re on your way
• Fast and flexible quoting system you can attach plans to
• Generate invoices quickly and track debtors
• Allows you to track materials used

This app may not be as comprehensive as the others, but it’s ideal for many tradie businesses.


Need help streamlining your tradie business?

With so many options available, and with them all having very similar features, don’t let trying to decide on what will work best for your business stop you from moving forward.

I’ve narrowed the best down to the above for you to check out. And of course, if you want to chat further about any of these systems, let me know. I suggest you also chat to your accountant/bookkeeper to see if they have any preferences.

I’d love to hear if you’re using any of these apps and how you find them.

If you’ve used any of these apps for your tradie business, I’d love for you to share the good, the bad and the ugly with your fellow tradies. The best point of reference is those who are using the technology already. So please comment below to share your experiences. We may also contact you to feature you in our next newsletter with a feature article on the app you love.

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