Do you give your customers the right first impression?

Sorry to break it to you guys, but customers are often weary of choosing a tradie. They’re letting you into their sanctuary and expecting you to know what you’re doing. If they could do it themselves, they would. So, customers put their feelers out to find a tradie they can trust.

And your first point of contact with a customer is often through email. If you’re lucky enough that they want to contact you, they’ll probably find your email address and request a quote from you.

This is what could make or break the deal.

A couple of rules for choosing a professional tradie email address

While I personally have nothing against Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo, they don’t cut it for a professional looking email address. They scream, ‘I’m so lazy that I can’t be bothered getting a business email address and I may be a scammer’.

  1. Use your own domain

    This simply means using They look 100 x cleaner and are more memorable. They’re also great for consistency with your branding. People will remember your name and your business name.
  2. Avoid nicknames and numbers

    The trick to making a professional sounding email address is to avoid using nicknames. Having doesn’t look quite as professional as You can also opt for a generic email like which work just as well.

Make sure you sign off with a stand-out email signature

Did you realise that you’re email signature is a fantastic marketing opportunity?

You’re probably already doing the right thing and including who you are, where you work and your contact details but you can take it up a level:

  • Link to your website homepage and make sure this page is your best showcase of your business (and include an offer to encourage them to contact you)
  • Put a line saying, ‘Connect with me’ with linked images to your social media sites
  • If you have an instant booking, or instant quote facility, include a button
  • Do you have an offer to convert enquiries into sales? For example: Free underlay when you place an order to carpet 4 bedrooms
  • A link to your testimonials on your website to build your credibility straight up
  • If you’ve got any videos of how you work (i.e. showcasing your carpentry work etc.) include a link

You don’t have to include all these points (or your email signature will be huge!) but try a couple and judge what your customers respond to the best (you’ll be able to tell from click through rates on your links).

Email signature for tradies

Not technical enough to do this for yourself?

If you need a hand changing your email address or setting up an email signature, get in touch with me and ask about my special tradie offer for creating your email signature. Or to stay up to date with all things tradie admin, make sure you’re signed up to receive my newsletters.

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