And how it impacts their business

 I’m sorry but before I get into the meat of this blog, I must do this:

I’m a winner, I’m a winner, I’m a winner!

Ok, I promise that’s it for the gloating but it’s not every day I can tell the world that I won the Motivating Mum’s Best Service Based Business in 2017. I’m super pumped. Here’s a short video of me on the night:


The award had strict criteria and examined my: goals, sales process and client onboarding, service offering, clear communication, policies & procedures, contracts, website and so on. I showed great clarity on my business direction and my communication skills landed me the award.

What does this mean to my Virtual Assistant clients

When a person wins an award, it proves that they are running a high-quality, highly-functioning business, that a panel of judges deemed to be better than others.

And what’s a VA meant to do for your business?

Help you run your business!

So, if your VA has won an award for the way they run their business, you can be assured they’ll know how to care for your business too.

For me, I love processes. I help my VA clients to look at the way they’re doing things, and put in place better processes to really streamline their business. What this means for them is getting work done quicker.

My clients love that they no longer need to fluff around with the ‘little things’, knowing that I’m sorting it all in the background. They have trust in me to be running the backend processes while they’re busy being the face of their business.

And of course, my clients now get to brag that they have an award-winning VA on their team!


Awards in business build trust – 100% guaranteed

Having an award badge on your website or in your email signature is a sure-fire way to gain trust from clients.

It not only shows that you’ve got patience to complete copious amounts of paperwork and provide ‘evidence of your excellence’, but that you’ve been judged by a panel of experts to be an outstanding example in your industry. It helps you become an authority.

And there’s loads of awards out there. You’ve just got to Google ‘awards for the (insert your own) Industry’ and you’ll find them.

Hey, here’s an idea – ask your VA to do some research and come up with a list of awards you could enter. Then go for it. It’s as simple as the old saying – ‘You’ve got to be in it to win it’.

Not all Virtual Assistants will have awards, but here’s what you should look for

VAs are not all created equal, with many of us having specialised skillsets.

A quick note here – you don’t have to have just one VA. Think about getting your own little VA, with each VA doing a specific job for you (i.e. generalist, social media, website updating, copywriting, digital management, webinar set up and promoter etc.).

Here are my top 5 things all VAs should have:

 5 things VAs should have blog image

Could your business use a Virtual Assistant?

If you’re thinking about using a VA for your business, but you’re not sure if you need one, let’s chat. I won’t do any hard selling (as I may not even be the right VA for you), but I’ll listen to your current business model and let you know what a VA could do for you.

And if I can’t help you, I’m sure I can help you find your perfect VA. Let’s chat. 03 9982 9757 or you can email if that is more your thing.