The top 9 questions to ask if you’re looking for a ripper VA

If you’re a business owner looking for a Virtual Assistant, I feel sorry for you.

Unless you’ve been referred to a VA by someone you trust (who’s already using their services), how do you choose?

Seriously. It’s a bit like going shoe shopping blindfolded.

You can get a feel for the shoes, but you’ve got no idea what they look like, and you’re taking the word of the sales assistant that they ‘look great on you’. You can try them on, and you can wear them around the shop. You blindly decide to purchase the shoes.

Now one of two things can happen when you take off the blindfold. You either love what you see and know they’re a perfect fit for you. Or you see the worst pair of shoes you’ve ever seen, that Aunty Flo may love, but she’s got a weird taste in shoes!

My best advice for you: don’t go into a VA relationship blindfolded.

Ask these questions to find a ripper VA (who’s willing to go above and beyond for you)

If you’re looking for a VA, I’m sure you’ve already considered all the ‘normal’ requirements that you’d be looking for – costings, availability, skills, personality, past client testimonials, etc.

To help you find a ripper VA, I’ve created a 9-point checklist for all the little extras you should be looking for.

It’s a bit like buying those shoes. Yes, you can comfortably buy the standard ones. But how nice would it be to find ones that have built in shock and odour absorbers (although Scholl may go out of business), that automatically walk themselves back into your cupboard at the end of the day, and that transform from flats to heels to suit the occasion…

Ask your VA if they’ll do the following:

  • Build your to-do list, then take a sledgehammer and demolish it by prioritising and actioning your tasks
  • Find better ways to do things as they’re the admin expert and you’ve seriously been fluffing it up for years
  • Help you reach your goals by caring enough to ask what they are, keeping you on track to achieve them, and helping you HIT your targets
  • Be open to learning a new language (your language) as sometimes it’s hard to say what we mean, but you need a VA who just gets you
  • Jump up and down shaking pom poms (not literally of course) and be your cheerleader – your business is their business, and they want to find opportunities for you
  • Save you from being a one fingered typing ninja, eliminating your keyboard rage and doing all that techy stuff that zaps your ninja powers
  • Be able to run with simple instructions and make the job their own – you don’t have time for micro-managing, you’ve earned a superhero cape and a ripper VA will want you to fly
  • Become a fire dancer by knowing when to help you fuel your latest grand plans, and when to tell you that you need to extinguish the fire before you get burnt
  • Listen to your stresses, agree they all suck, and then help you find ways to fix it – a problem shared is a problem halved, and a fresh perspective always helps

How to find a ripper VA

Whatever you do, please don’t say, ‘they’ll do’.

In my years of being a VA I’ve learnt that if you’re not compatible with your client, you won’t work in the long run.

A VA who doesn’t click with you, won’t be interested in your business, in your vision, in your goals and will just ‘do the job’, send you an invoice and continue this cycle week in, week out.

So, the one thing I beg of you is to find a VA you not only have some fun with (seriously, you need to be able to vent about your clients and laugh it off with your VA) but one who has the time to give your business the love it needs. They will become your biggest champion and always want the best for you.

You want your VA to become your favourite pair of shoes. The ones you pop on and comfortably wear all day long, want to keep for years, and secretly cry about when they need to be replaced.

Have you found a ripper VA?

I’d love to promote the best VAs in the industry, so if you’ve found a ripper VA, please feel free to share why they’re your business champion. And if you liked this article or know anyone who’d benefit from reading it, please share: