Running your business is easy when you’ve partnered with Virtual Infinity

  • Impress clients with your phone/email communication skills
  • Build rapport with regular blogs and newsletters
  • Stay social with your social media platforms taken care of
  • Stop stressing over digital technology and WordPress matters
  • Boost your financials with regular bookkeeping
  • Improve cash-flow by Invoicing on time and following up on money owed


Virtual Assistance

Helping you stay connected with clients offering email/phone management, event planning, database updating, word processing, job scheduling and much more.


Helping your business thrive by keeping up to date with your books, offering invoicing, reconciling, collecting accounts and showing you how to boost your cash flow.

Digital Assistance

Helping you survive the digital age with blog and newsletter updating, managing your social media accounts, WordPress website editing and updating, electronic filing and more.

Your award-winning Virtual Assistant & Bookkeeper

Hi, I’m Leanne, the Director of Virtual Infinity.

I’m an award-winning VA/Bookkeeper with over 13 years’ experience in the administration industry.

I work with corporates and superstars who run multiple businesses, starting with your basic administration and working through to your bookkeeping.

With a team of highly experienced Virtual Assistants on hand, all your unique business needs are covered.

My mission is simple:

‘Dedicated, determined & driven to help your business grow and succeed’.

“Leanne was wonderful to work with. Diligent and fast, she was able to transfer my bookkeeping from an old desktop program to an efficient online system quickly and efficiently, eliminating a 9 month backlog in the process. She knows her stuff – I’d recommend her to anyone looking for a solution to their bookkeeping woes.

Fi Mims

Fi Mims Photography

I’ve only been working with Leanne for a month and already I know.

I know the way you know you’ve found the perfect avocado.

Not to squishy, not to hard.

She is the everything you’d want a VA to be. Efficient, amiable, generous, diligent, clever and resourceful.

She takes the initiative and makes me feel like she cares about my business as much as I do.

A good VA is hard to find. So while you may hire her, if you steal her, I won’t be happy.”

Kate Toon

Kate Toon, The Recipe for SEO Success & The Clever Copywriting School

“Leanne took a file that was a complete mess and put it in order for me so that we knew exactly what was coming in and what was going out, where we were making money, and where we could make changes. She makes the wonderful world of bookkeeping all make sense again. Thank you so much for your help Leanne.”

Hanna Finlay

Off-Site Tradie

Ready to start outsourcing?

If you’re tired of trying to do it all yourself, and you’ve realised you’re no longer living your life, let’s chat. Let’s get you the right processes to effectively run your business, to communicate positively with your clients, and to keep up-to- date books.